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Regulations for Residential Open Burning


Leaves burning in a back yard.Open burning is a source of air pollution that is regulated by the Division of Air Quality (DAQ). There are statewide rules in place that regulate open burning activities to help minimize emissions and ensure that the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) are met. Recent modifications to these rules change the open burn periods and include a statewide requirement to obtain a permit from the local county or municipal fire authority prior to burning.

General Requirements

DAQ rules governing open burning can be found in the Utah Administrative Code (UAC) R307-202. This rule allows open burning of clippings, bushes, plants, and pruning's from trees incident to property and residential clean-up activities, provided that the following conditions have been met:

Permit Criteria

Burning wood.Prior to completing the open burn permit application, please consider the following:

Permit Application

Applicants statewide are required to complete the open burn permit application prior to igniting an open burn. After the application process is completed, a copy of the application is sent electronically to the county or municipal fire authority having jurisdiction in the area where the open burning will take place.

Though the application process is the same statewide, some county and municipal fire authorities require additional steps to be taken prior to issuing a valid open burn permit. Applicants should contact their local fire authority once the open burn permit application is complete to ensure all local open burning requirements are met.

The open burn permit application program is tied to two items:

If there is not an open burn window, or if the clearing index is forecast to be below 500, the program will not allow a person to complete the application. The clearing index is only forecast for a three day period, including the current day. The open burn permit application may be completed up to two days in advance (i.e., Apply on Thursday or Friday if you plan to burn on the weekend).

There are three ways to complete the open burn permit application:

Note: It may take up to 14 days from the date of request to receive an open burn permit if a hard copy is submitted for processing.

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