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Program Update

On February 26, 2014, the Utah Department of Environmental Quality/Division of Air Quality/ATLAS Section finalized a guidance document meant to assist water and sewer system administrators who use Asbestos Cement Pipe as part of their water or sewer systems. The document which is titled, "HOW TO HANDLE NON-FRIABLE ASBESTOS CEMENT PIPE, A Guide for Meeting Utah Department of Environmental Quality/Division of Air Quality Rules" does not provide any additional regulatory requirements, but provides guidance to the existing National Emission Standard for Asbestos (Title 40 Code of Federal Regulations Part 61 Subpart M) and the Utah Asbestos Rule (UAC R307-801). If you have any questions regarding this document, please contact Robert Ford, DEQ/DAQ/ATLAS Section Manager at 801-536-4451 or at

General Asbestos Information

Asbestos is a name given to a group of minerals that occur naturally as masses of long silky fibers. Asbestos is known for its unique properties of being resistant to abrasion, inert to acid and alkaline solutions, and stable at high temperatures. Because of these attributes, asbestos was widely used in construction and industry. Asbestos fibers are woven together or incorporated within other materials to create many products. Get more information about asbestos.

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If you have further questions about asbestos please contact Ann Rosser (801-536-4424).