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R307-1-8. Asbestos Certification, Asbestos Work Practices, and Implementation of Toxic Substances Control Act, Title II


8.1  Definitions
8.2  Applicability
8.3  Certification and Accreditation Requirements
8.4  Training
8.5  Notification
8.6  Work Practice Requirements
8.7  Records
8.8  Implementation of TSCA Title II


8.1 Definitions: The definitions in this subsection apply only to R307-1-8.

8.2 Applicability.
8.3 Certification and Accreditation Requirements
8.4 Training.
8.5 Notification.
8.6 Work Practice Requirements.

After September 1, 1987 each asbestos project operator conducting a NESHAP size asbestos project shall comply with the following work practice requirements:

A. General (including removal, demolition, renovation, encapsulation and enclosure)

(1) Remove friable asbestos-containing materials before commencing any activity which would break up the materials or prevent access to them for subsequent removal.
(2) Ensure that a site supervisor trained in accordance with Subsection R307-1-8.4 is responsible for the construction of the containment, supervision, and inspection of each asbestos project conducted by an asbestos project operator.
(3) Maintain a sufficient inventory of equipment and supplies at the project work site to ensure ability to continuously comply with Section R307-1-8.
(4) Provide barriers to isolate contaminated areas from uncontaminated areas. Barriers shall be constructed of polyethylene sheeting, or equivalent, attached securely in place, and sealed with waterproof tape or equivalent.

(a) Provide a worker decontamination system. Enter and leave asbestos contaminated work areas only through the worker decontamination system.
(b) Repair tears in the isolation barriers immediately.

(5) Provide protective outerwear to all asbestos workers and others entering asbestos contaminated areas.


(a) Remove protective outerwear and leave in a contaminated part of the work area, such as the equipment room, before leaving the contaminated area.
(b) Place nondisposable protective outerwear in a labeled, sealed impermeable plastic bag, or equivalent container, before removing it from the work area.
(c) Treat disposable protective outerwear as asbestos waste.

(6) Provide respiratory protection to all asbestos workers and others entering asbestos contaminated areas. Respiratory protection shall consist of a half-mask air-purifying respirator equipped with HEPA filters, or other appropriate respirator specified in OSHA 29 CFR 1926.1101(h).
(7) Display caution signs in accordance with OSHA 29 CFR 1926.1101 at all approaches to any location where airborne asbestos fiber levels can be expected to exceed background levels.
(8) Adequately wet all asbestos waste before sealing into containers for disposal.
(9) Place asbestos waste in sealed, leak-tight impermeable containers for disposal, using one of the following containment methods:

(a) If asbestos waste contains sharp edged components, use metal or fiber drums with locking-ring tops.
(b) Double polyethylene bags, each of at least 6-mil thickness and which can be securely sealed, may be used for asbestos waste, provided it does not contain sharp edged components.
(c) Large components or structural members covered or coated with friable asbestos-containing materials may be removed intact and wrapped in two layers of 6-mil polyethylene sheeting secured with tape for disposal.
(d) Alternative containment methods may be used if written approval is obtained in advance from the executive secretary.

(10) All drums, bags, and wrapped components specified in Subsection R307-1-8.6.1.A(9) shall be labeled as follows:


8.7 Records.
8.8 Implementation of TSCA Title II.

KEY: air pollution, motor vehicles, fireplaces*, woodstoves*
1995 19-2-104