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The Division of Air Quality solicits public comment on rules, plans, and operating permits. The following list presents links to proposed changes that are currently out for public comment:

You are invited to comment on them by mailing:

Potential Rules and Programs Being Researched and Developed

Rule Subject Regional Haze SIP


Revise the SIP to address EPA's partial disapproval of the BART determination for NOx and PM and provide a 5 year progress update.

Colleen Delaney (801-536-4248)

Mark Berger (801-536-0076)

  Proposed SIP and Progress Report are now available for public comment.
(Progress, Related Links, etc.)

Rule Subject Wood Smoke Management Program Enhancement

DAQ held a wood smoke management workshop that included all stakeholders: members of the legislature, researchers, health experts, county health department representatives, hearth industry, social and environmental organizations and regulators.

The purpose of the workshop was to:
-Outline the existing smoke management program
-Seek recommendations to the Air Quality Board on how to enhance the existing program
-To provide public education on wood smoke
-Seek recommendations to the Air Quality Board on how to reduce wood smoke emission.

DAQ presented the workshop outcome in a Board memo dated April 23, 2014 that is available on the Board webpage.

Air Quality Board action: The Board directed DAQ to prepare a proposed rule that would include restricted wood burning for non-food related commercial and industrial facilities.
Contact Joel Karmazyn (801-536-4423)
(Meetings, etc.)
The proposed rule, R307-302, has gone through a 30-day public comment period. The Board will be taking final action on the rule at the December 3 Board meeting.
(Progress, Related Links, etc.)

Rule Subject Wasatch Front PM2.5 SIPs
Purpose To demonstrate that appropriate strategies are in place to achieve the 2006 National Ambient Air Quality Standards for PM2.5 in the PM2.5 nonattainment areas along the Wasatch Front.
Contact Bill Reiss (801-536-4077)
(Meetings, etc.)
  • August and September 2013—Finish developing SIPs.
  • September 2013—Bring SIPs for Provo and SLC to the Board to propose for public comment.
  • October 2013—Public Comment Period.
  • December 2013—Final Adoption by Air Quality.
  • Board and SIP submittal to EPA.
(Progress, Related Links, etc.)
See the PM2.5 SIP Development page for more information.